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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackleslap View Post
    .....fuck a duck
    you now understand why i have always said fuck a duck

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    Thing is Virothe... I was dead so I couldn’t say anything - but I felt like you were overreacting to what Grae said, taking it much more to heart, possibly because it just sucked that you hadn’t been around and coincidentally happened to also be scum. That said I was not amused by the comment I saw in your faction thread about wanting take out the active players so they couldn’t dominate the game thread. Don’t get mad at other players for participating. Lack of participation is what causes games to die. Yes, things got repeated multiple times, but MOST of what got posted was talking about the game - and that is what this is about.
    So two fold

    1. ) if I didn’t also think I went off a bit to hard I wouldn’t apologize for it as I’ve done.

    2. ) You’re mad sure, but if you read what I said in my faction thread and look at how the game ran the majority of active people were not the people who had been active in prior games and those are who I wanted to target.

    And it’s not because I was mad or anything, it’s just because I don’t believe in allowing the status quo to keep on if I have the power to change it.

    But either way it wasn’t necessary this time so you aren’t wrong.

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    This thread is done, right? Should you ask someone to lock it @foxximcleod ?

    Another day, another Deal....

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    Foxxi isnt the mod :P And its up to the mods if they want it locked or not.

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