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    As for the last thing....the crazy powers and mobs becoming more dangerous is where the fun is. If you just want to hit normal mobs without powers, go do some WQs maybe...

    what I mean is....When I usually do SnoreGhast I can actually feel the powers, I'm exploding stuff, burning floor bosses in 15 seconds

    yet when I did twisting corridors... although I had 70 something anima powers and 3k intellect... the mobs and bosses weren't dying like I was super buffed, they seemed normal... they had like scaled my question is... why even bother with the powers

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    Finished layer 8 today as a fire mage 215ilvl. I did all layers on one go, didn't "lose" at all and only died once or twice through the whole 8x18 floors. I did have some Cauterize situations.

    Mort'regar (the one with magic damage taken debuff + ghost mobs) was by far the most annoying, followed by Coldheart Interstitia (mob hp increase) because on the latter it was a little hard to collect mobs to aoe them down without the rare mist power that forces them to come closer to have them cast on you.

    The most important power is the epic power of Mirror Images combined with the uncommon power that grants you more MI and the rare power that creates a MI when you blink. If you also have the epic power which gives you 5 charges of Shimmer when you blink over a Mawrat you can have an infinite army of images casting Greater Pyroblast. I didn't have the epic power appear on layer 8.

    What I did have however was the Alter Time power. There is a rare and a common power. The rare stacks to 3 times and reduces the cds of all your spells during the AT window by 1/2/3 seconds. The common power increases your AT window. I managed to have AT last 1 minute (as much as its cooldown, so I had 100% uptime) by the end of layer 8 and every time I used a spell my cds were reduced by 3 seconds.

    And of course Fire Juggler, which makes your fireblasts knockup all enemies, including bosses.

    These powers make you spam fireblasts and all your other spells to the point where the boss will barely ever reach the floor and it will never ever cast a spell or melee you. If you have the smart mirror images they will deal 4m of a 5m hp boss, while your own spells will do 1m.

    Notable Mentions:
    -Grisly Ice (nova doesnt break ever) + if you get the talent choice to get 2 novas it's gg
    - One uncommon power that deals damage on enemies every time you crit
    - Multiple Obleron increases, including HP
    - 10% Intellect per floor through spell sequence
    - Shield Increases including the epic power that copies the triple shield legendary.

    You go into a pack, open AT combustion burn them all down as much as you can, keep going to next rooms while AT is still up and by the time it finishes combustion will be up again.

    I had all Venari Torghast upgrades except for one concerning mawrats and one that turns 100 Phantasma or so into a random stat.

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    I just failed my layer 8 TC run on floor 17. The previous layers were more or less a cakewalk for me as a mage but this time the RNG screwed me over tremendously. I had a good start early on but my luck eventually dried up which didn't become evident until about halfway through but by that point the sunken cost fallacy had already made me determined to try and push through. I was in there for nearly 4½ hours. My previous runs were usually between 1½-3 hours at most.

    I don't think I've ever been as frustrated with content design/balance as I am with this. The way RNG completely determines how long it's going to take and whether you'll even be able to complete it at all makes it impossible to gauge just how much of a time commitment it's going to be.

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