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    Quote Originally Posted by kaintk View Post
    unbelievable ! frost dk will go from last to second last position dps

    gg blizzard ! we were all waiting for this

    by the way, sarcasm here
    I'm pretty sure 2-Handed frost exists solely as a way to play Frost while trying to get 2 good 1-handed weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baroclinic View Post
    I'm pretty sure 2-Handed frost exists solely as a way to play Frost while trying to get 2 good 1-handed weapons.

    Not necessarily. I mean, as it stands Dual-Wield remains the stronger option, and that's unfortunate for 2-handed players.

    There has always been a loud group of DK players who have voiced their disdain for Frost going purely Dual-Wield in Legion. That would be almost 5 years of people wanting either to back to 2-handed or have the option for 2-handed.

    Personally, I always advocated for a cosmetic change to it. Something like Demonology Warlock's glyph that changes the appearance of their Felguard's weapon to whatever 2-handed weapon you have in your bags. A glyph for DK's that changes the appearance (and thus, your attack animations) of your Dual-Wield weapons to a 2-handed weapon in your bags.

    Now they have given us 2-handed and the balancing between the two play styles is a hot topic... but it was predicted to be a hot topic even all the back then.
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    The 2 hand thing was cool, but it's turned FDK into a design patchwork unfortunately. The talents are very very bad when you use a 2 hander. But then when you dual wield, all of a sudden the talents become good and doors and options open up. Yeah........

    Anyway, it was a decent attempt, I'm not mad at them, but they're screwing around too much with the classes at this point. After I saw the Anduin cinematic (which basically looks like Anduin as a Frost DK), I'm convinced they nerfed FDK on purpose for story reasons. "Can't feature Frost DK too much this xpac, better nerf em abit!"

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