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    Windwalker best RBG Legendary Power

    The Icy Veins Windwalker PVP guide suggests that Keefer's Skyreach is the best legendary for PVP
    Now i dinged 60 wednesday and just missed the world boss who dropped it (so probaly gonna need to wait 3-4 weeks to get it now)

    But is it also the best legendary power for RBG? I know the pvp guide favours arena in most parts so would to know if Keefer's Skyreach is also the best power for pvp or if should target another power at this point

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    Imo Keefer's reach is only good for those matches wher you are likely to be kited (so druids in arena). I found Invoker's delight the most useful legendary overall, in some cases where you are heavily targeted sephus is good too. If you want some fun on random BGs then the ToD legendary should be considered too, since no cooldown ToD was pretty fun in bfa, havent tested that personally.

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