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    This thread is the emotional equivalent of watching bitcoin rise/fall.

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    Amazing how people give enough of a shit to post that they don't give a shit. Go post your memes in GenOT where nobody gives a shit about hardly any of it.

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    UPDATE (FINAL)!!!:

    It's back!

    I didn't do anything.

    I did remove the ublock origin extension once.
    Then I googled "ublock origin firefox" and installed it back again.

    Well, I did disable and re-enable ublock a few times by clicking the big blue power icon.
    (maybe that helped some lol.)

    Then I just gave up on googling a solution.

    Someone (StayTuned?) stated maybe Youtube is doing some changes to the platform.
    So maybe Youtube fixed it on their end. And that's why it's back.
    (so I just had to wait and chill lol.)

    Today: I open a new tab in my Firefox (regular window, no private browsing).
    Go to Youtube Home ( signed in.
    And Voila! The logo and hamburger button has magically re-appeared!!!

    I am so happy it's back. I've missed you so much, youtube logo & hamburger button.
    (Don't ever leave me again.)
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    I'm mostly a lurker in the Computer forum, but I have to say this is the most entertaining thread I've seen in here. Thank you to all who made it happen.

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    Wow I'm so glad it's finally back for you.

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