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    Quote Originally Posted by Gen4Glock21 View Post
    Simple question have they abandoned the heritage armor sets for the original races, Orcs, Humans, Night Elfs, Undead, etc? or was that never going to be a thing?
    All four Warfront sets are pretty heritage armor lookin' for those four races.
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    If anyone still believes Sylvanas is responsible, you've not been paying attention.

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    The heritage armors i'd like to see:

    Human - the paladin hero of WC3.
    Night elf - Sentinel armor of BfA.
    Draenei - Yrel's HotS armor.
    Pandaren - Brewmaster hero of WC3.
    Orc - Beastmaster hero of WC3.
    Troll - Headhunter unit of WC3.
    Undead - Necromancer unit of WC3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guilford View Post
    All four Warfront sets are pretty heritage armor lookin' for those four races.
    The problem I see with this argument is EVERY race/class combo can equip/transmog the Warfront sets. Heritage sets are specific to the race. Tauren can not use/transmog the Highmountain heritage set and Highmountain can not use the Tauren set. Every heritage set that I have completed, which is most of them is only usable by that race. Even the Gnome set is not interchangeable with the Mecha Gnomes.

    If those sets are intended for the races I mentioned I think they got ripped off. Most of the new races got unique sets and the races I mentioned got a set everyone can use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie45 View Post
    No its coming they comfirmed and comfirmed that it will come sometime in the future
    That doesn't confirm shit. They say things all the time that don't happen.

    There are already many Orc and Human themed sets, Nelf/Undead warfront sets etc. I wouldn't expect anything else

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