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    Is Uther coming back to life... or will that model be used in a flashback in-game cutscene?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabled View Post
    Blizzard really needs to find someone who can actually do hair in this engine. Poor Uther, man
    It looks like a bad cone of the cheap chocolate and vanilla icecream that I'd see at a mediocre salad bar. Moreso in the side view than anywhere else.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    Ok, I give up. This is pointless.
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    Looks like we fight Sylvanas on top of Torghast which is a mirrored version of the top of Icecrown where we fought Arthas :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unlimited Power View Post
    It's a shame too. There's some great asymmetrical shoulders that I'd love to transmog in a symmetrical fashion. But let's see, they might change it in the future. It used to be the case for fist weapons as well that they were locked to either main hand or off hand, but Blizzard eventually fixed it by simply mirroring them.
    Yep, I remember that time yes. I might hop on the PTR and just spam them with the idea to allow for this just in case, since this looks like one of those oversights blizz commits all the time.

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    Finally high heels for women?

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    So now that we are seeing what the Primus looks like, was his model originally intended for the Jailer? They look very similar to the screenshots we had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logwyn View Post
    Why they did not do it already with this update boggles my mind.
    Probably because shoulders and (most!) gloves are not handled the same way.

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    Separate shoulder transmogrification is good.

    ...But I'm still waiting to be able to hide the leggings slot. Just don't understand the "let's keep it classy" mindset when toys that remove all your armor exist in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    Still, seeing him reduced to a Marrowgar like monstrosity only to serve as yet another minor boss encounter... What a mess. And here I thought WoD's portrayal of the character made him look pathetic.
    Personally wish he'd just be a spirit version of himself wearing the Plate of the Damned, but I guess the Plate of the Damned isn't a thing anymore. It's a shame since they redesigned it in HD for WC3 Reforged.

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    Whoo our boy garrosh is finally here!
    Kael is getting a roommate in ravendarth!

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    Is DreadQueen a ridable mount? Don't see a saddle on her.

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    Ooooh, shouldery goodness.

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    Separate Shoulder Transmog oh!! been waiting for this forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matsumotto View Post
    The shoulder transmog stuff is cool, now they should do the same for gloves/bracers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Logwyn View Post
    Why they did not do it already with this update boggles my mind.
    That's not really possible given the way WoW's engine works... at least, not in the way most people would think or to the extent they would want.

    Armor pieces like shoulders and helmets are separate models that get placed onto, and are distinct from, a character model. As such, you can place a different model on either side of the character, like with having two different shoulders. Because each shoulder calls up a unique texture that is wholly separate from the player model.

    Gloves, on the other hand, are textures that get applied directly to the character model. This is the same with boots, bracers, capes, legs, chests, etc. WoW's character models have their textures mirrored symmetrically, meaning any texture applied to that character model has to also appear on the other side of the character. Literally, they only texture half of a character's body, and then mirror that over to the other side. So anything that appears on the character model's texture on one side has to appear mirrored on the other side.

    Now, Blizzard has recently started adding separate models that augment chests, gloves, legs, etc by making them appear bulkier and more unique. But whatever sort of extra pieces they add still have to sit above a mirrored texture, even if the modeled part they added only appears on one side of the character's body. Because that model, just like the shoulder models, are separate from the character model. But they all still have a base texture on the character model beneath them, and that base texture is symmetrical because it must be.

    Check any of the asymmetrical gloves that exist. Beneath whatever asymmetrical parts there might be, there will still be an identical texture underneath shared across both hands.

    All of that is to say that, in theory, Blizzard could make those extra modeled glove bits be assymetrical. But you'd have to pick a sort of base glove that would appear on both sides, and it would only do anything with a very narrow selection of recently made gloves.
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    Kaleredar is right...
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    yea i wonder when they'll finally add high heels for ladies. but those are great changes anyway.

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    No matter how much stuff they add to Thrall he'll never actually manage to look anything other than constipated lol.

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    I gotta get me those Ozzy Osbourne shades ._.

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