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  • The Lost Boys

    4 7.69%
  • Robocop

    18 34.62%
  • Predator

    24 46.15%
  • Full Metal Jacket

    6 11.54%
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    As an adult Full Metal Jacket, as a kid it would be a toss up between robocop and predator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincink View Post
    Your mo-- uh, probably Robocop.
    My mother, gotta stop the birth.

    But robcop easy
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    I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but sometimes I say things that are kind of dumb
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    I just like reading about the "vigorous rubbing" that might affect ball inflation.

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    real answer? none of the above, the movie I can remember watching in a movie theater that year was Mio mon Mio. and that damn shepard's flute melody was stuck in my head on and off for DECADES. (also, as an adult realizing that I was watching child batman... was a trip :P )

    but if I have to pick out of those 4, predator probably.

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    Of those listed? all of them lol

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    Predator. I’d only want to watch the boot camp part of FMJ.

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    Predator for sure!
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    I'm reasonably certain I did watch RoboCop in the theatre on release. So fucking long ago! I watched Predator and Lost Boys before 1990. I didn't watch FMJ for the longest time.

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    Well, at that year, I would most likely not see much other than my toys.

    If I were able to in that year, it would of course be Robocop. Big fan of Robocop but well, I was not that old back then.
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    Probably Robocop. I saw all of those when they were new. I graduated from high school within a few days of 34 years ago; i.e. May 1987.
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    Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
    Good Morning Vietnam.
    Wall Street.
    The Lost Boys.
    Empire of the Sun.
    Princess Bride.
    Running Man.
    The Untouchables.
    Full Metal Jacket.

    Holy hell, I never realized but 1987 was a helluva year for film.

    There's Fatal Attraction and Dirty Dancing too... Not my cup of tea, but they are quite relevant movie history wise.

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    I got born in 87 so way to young xD
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    I went to see Masters of the Universe in 1987.

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    I'm going to see myself doing anything to leave the currently (3rd) WORST country on earth and go to a non fucked up country
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Amadeus View Post

    Ok so, it's 1987 Friday Night you get to select 1 feature. Tickets are $3.50 $2.25 for the matinee before 6pm which one would you choose?

    Personally I am taking The Predator.
    literally stole this from twitter lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    literally stole this from twitter lmao
    even if, who cares? instead say what u would see, lol

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    I was 8 years old and fuckin Predator all the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Amadeus View Post

    Ok so, it's 1987 Friday Night you get to select 1 feature. Tickets are $3.50 $2.25 for the matinee before 6pm which one would you choose?

    Personally I am taking The Predator.
    None, i'm gonna prepare for the fall of the USSR and seize the means of production.
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    As my mom says, I wasn't even thought of back then.

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