I will push to far exceed whatever trial chance I get!

Looking for a semi hardcore guild to play the next few expansions with. I know with my drive I will not stop till I’m the best Resto Shaman I can be.

I’m currently on a search to find a Top 500 Guild either on the Alliance or Horde side. I came back this expansion after not playing serious for a couple of years I realized I really missed raiding at a competitive level. I spent this expansion knocking the cobwebs off and getting used to the new addons and such that have come out since I last played. I ended up picking up raid healing for the first time ever and completely fell in love with the rush of keeping people alive even more then topping the damage charts.

I’ve been bouncing around the guild scene looking for the right home coming from not having any recent raid history and not knowing where I stood after not playing for a few expansions. I started off in a normal raid and ended up putting my goal of getting Aotc I got Aotc decently easy then the Mythic grind started I struggled finding guilds that had the same goals and environment that I was striving for.

I study between Warcraft Logs, YouTube from the fight videos to other povs.

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Darthobama#4408 Discord

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bump looking for a home!