A 36 (on wednesday) player is looking for a guild. Who am I? What am I looking for? Read on for more!

1.) I have raid experience, I won't bore you with details. But my favourite memories
a.) Clearing Dragon Soul 25H 2 days after the nerfs.
b.) Clearing Prince Melchy in Karazhan with the RNG Infernals
c.) Raid Leading my guild to Emerald Nightmare Heroic clear
2.) I know my way around tanks/classes. I am generally a jack of all trades, master of none (except healing, still need to learn that)
3.) Still enjoying Shadowlands so no risk of me quitting halfway through the tier

What am I looking for?

1.) AOTC casual guild.
2.) Atmosphere, environment are more important than pushing everyone to get 99% parses.
3.) Not afraid to teach people the ropes with M+, I haven't seriously played M+ in SL, generally just dabbled in it. But I hate pugging.

What do you get? Because really, that's what a recruiter wants to know right?

A passionate player who is willing to learn whatever is needed to raid. Currently I am suffering through playing a Shadow Priest in Sepulcher (6 Heroic cleared, all until Anduin except Skolex) and really looking for a change. I don't do well with "complex" classes, I need something simple if I want to excel at it. And that's just knowing myself. I can't really deal well with a complicated/chaotic rotation. It's sadly who I am.

Want to contact me?

Lafayette#9832 on Discord