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    Maybe just not be terrible to each other and things like this wouldn’t need to exist.
    No one’s saying you have to be happy. No one’s saying you have to be nice to people. You can, in fact, ignore them. You don’t have to talk to them. Never play with them again. Move on with your life.
    What they are saying, is that while playing their game you aren’t allowed to be a jerk to someone else, and you will play by their rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    Like someone asked, who or what gives you the right to call others bad or noobs?

    Unsurprisingly, only elitists or straight up assholes think that experience or being better somehow gives them the right to be shitty towards others.

    Reality check : it doesn't. Please get off your high horse.

    There's an infinitely better way to do so without being an asshole about it. If you aren't capable of restraining yourself from doing so, you shouldn't be playing anything multiplayer oriented.

    Then here's a better tldr; don't tell people to grow thicker skin, just don't act like an asshole. See? Easy.

    So just ignore the one person so they can then go and not get punished for being a tool? Fuck that. There's no excuse for people being shitty. The only ones who are soft and weak are the players who act this way to begin with. And you sure as shit know that those players are the ones who cry the loudest when they get banned and then blame shit like "wokeness", "white-knighting", "liberals" and all that other shit when really, it's because they never faced consequences for being a douche before, and now they can't man up and face that them being one got them in trouble for once.

    Cool, you're one of the people who don't deserve to play. Lookin forward to reading your inevitable rage post about getting banned.

    If you're going to defend such shitty people, yes, you 100% deserve the ban (and much worse if we're being honest).
    If i have a higher skill level then them i think make me the right to call them bad or a noob.

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