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    How do you get yourself out of a "slump"?

    Just gonna be honest; having kind of a rough time right now. Feels like the past couple weeks it's been boiling over, and I'm just frustrated, by everything, all the time. WoW's always been kind of an "escape" for me, but now it's become its own source of frustration, because I've been *trying* to play a Hunter with my friends, but I'm apparently just freaking terrible at the game now. So on top of everything else I feel like I'm failing at, I can't even play video-games right anymore.

    You guys have any advice for getting yourself out of a"slump"?

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    Uhhhh, play something that doesn't frustrate you?

    Don't really know what kind of answer you are expecting here.
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    Sleep...it gets better later.

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    Quit world of warcraft and try other games seriously it may seem hard but once you are free of that shackle you will see there are so many great options out there for you. Aside from that get into a routine, exercise it will give your mind something to focus / try to achieve on other than your worries.

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    By the sounds of it it has little to do with playing another game. I'd suggest taking a break from the computer. I have been in that situation and kinda is now, don't really find playing games enjoyable etc etc. Started taking walks and listen to some true crime documentary on youtube that's usually 1-2h long. Watch movies, but not at your computer because that still enforces the habit of sitting there. Try and Excercise no matter how little. Maybe look a your apartment and maybe fix the thing you always wanted to fix?
    try and meet family and friends.

    Doing these things can make playing a game feel like a reward rather than just a habit you do. Maybe i'm reading into it too much, but talking to someone could be an option if you feel it's serious.

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    Pretty much the above from kumorii

    I'd add in eat healthily, get your five to ten a day, this really helps and also read,

    If I get stuck not wanting to do anything, I write a list of jobs for every day for the rest of the week and I HAVE to do them, usually getting everything rolling is the hardest and longest part

    Hope you get over this soon

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    Take ice cold showers. It makes you happy.

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    The good news is that half the battle is recognizing it, so that's a plus that you have. But as others said it's usually a sign it's time to shake things up in your life. Maybe take a break from wow and try some other games for a bit, then come back when you're ready. Or try a new completely new hobby for a bit.

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    Step back and look at what specifically is frustrating you, truly self reflect on what's on your mind and keeping you from enjoying your previously enjoyable hobby.

    If WoW is no longer "an escape" it probably means you're still trapped by whatever you're using WoW as an escape from. Once you identify that, deal with THAT. Without knowing what THAT is, it's difficult to give much more meaningful advice. But identifying what it is, is half the battle. Hope things get better soon, it's happened to me and it's a miserable place to be.

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    Have your mom schedule an appointment with the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claymore View Post
    You guys have any advice for getting yourself out of a"slump"?
    Maybe the first thing you should do is to figure out whether your slump is mainly caused by something physiological or psychological. If your issue is mainly physiological then you probably need to start eating healthier, exercising more, and making sure that you're sleeping properly(getting plenty of Oxygen and REM sleep). If your issue is mainly psychological then it could be that your mindset, philosophy, cultural values, or motivations are wrong and they're leading you to frustrating emotions.

    In any case there is always a solution or at least a way to improve, as long as you're not just declining or losing sharpness due to old age, which is unavoidable at some point.
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    Leave computer games for a while. Consider applying to some classes or doing some hobbies. This will replace negative thoughts with some acquired knowledge. Do some sports or travel somewhere nice. Meet some meaningful people and get rid of the toxic ones; that includes their friends and the friends of their friends. Eat only healthy stuff, take vitamins, and sleep a lot. You can also watch some fun movies. Haha!
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    Yoga, it's hard for me, ASMR meditating, anything that has to do with unplugging from any kind of media, YOUTUBING 80's 90's memories such as Music, and Movies.
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    1. Try other games that are more relaxing and fun.
    2. Legal recreational drugs.
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