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    Dragonflight Alpha - The Forbidden Reach Dracthyr Starting Zone Quest Preview

    Dragonflight Alpha - The Forbidden Reach Dracthyr Starting Zone Quest Preview
    The Forbidden Reach is the starting zone for Dracthyr Evokers in the Dragonflight expansion. In this post, we'll quickly go over the zone questline and highlight important events. Story Spoilers Below!

    The War Creche

    • Your Dracthyr awakens from stasis with only flashes of past memories. In front of you is another Dracthyr still in stasis. You approach and use your power to awaken the Dracthyr, who is named Dervishian.
    • You glide down to the room below and try to free two more Dracthyr - Tethalash and Kethahn. Tethalash remarks that he recalls obeying an order. All you find are long decayed bones of Kethahn.
    • Further along you awaken Scalecommander Azurathel (Alliance) or Scalecommander Cindrethresh (Horde). They suggest that you kill some local constructs while finding some gear.
    • With that taken care of, the Scalecommanders unlock the barrier to head deeper into the Creche, only to find servants of Malygos who have come to destroy all Dracthyr as they consider them aberrations. The Scalecommanders wonder where the Earth-Warder is, but for now suggest you fly down and aid the Dracthyr below.
    • The leader of the blue dragons, Lapisagos, is trying to cave in the Creche, forcing you to have to defeat him to escape.

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    The drac'thyr model continues to look off to me

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