The changes players have noticed on the public test realms concerning select tailor-crafted items, such as the Spellfire set, will be reverted before the patch is live on production realms.

This means your item sets will remain just as they are now.
Changes won't go live

Latest patch on the Public Test Realm lowered the stats of the Spellfire and Frozen Shadoweave. Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend sets are still the same. Mouseover the pictures to get the old stats. (1024x768 users check this page from the homepage, not from the forum, you won't have enough width )



Mongoose enchant changed again
Good news rogues, it doesn't glow as much as before but now, it's ugly ! There is also a 2nd video featuring Thunderfury here. Thanks to Sil for this one. Also thanks to Kaigamifor the stream !