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    Quote Originally Posted by starburst
    But I don't agree becouse Axe is already affected by resillence
    resilience affects all weapons :-X
    No kidding !! The point is that the Axe specialisation is an increase in crit %, which is directly affected by resilience, hence "Axe is affected by resilience"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambobarbq
    so its fine nerfing warrior that spent 8 nether, + ssc raiding mats for sotmrherald compared to your so lame pvp weapon that only took time tog atehr no skill at all (a 1300 ratring team can get those)

    i see.... what doesnt touch us = i dont care.

    and the nerf to haste rating will only be to see where rogue are.. if they are still that good theres another nerf incoming. we all know how bliz work.
    Calm down dude, your precious Stormherald will not be affected, so your time would not have been wasted. The nerf is for the Warrior Mace Spec talent in the arms tree.

    If, however, you crafted Stormherald purely for the combined SH stun proc / Mace spec stun proc, shame on you. SH is an awesome (one of the best around) weapon for an PvP warrior, stun proc or no Stun proc.

    I can only imagine the Slam crits I would get off that baby ... I will have to make do with my Thunder, which is sweet as it is.

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