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    Macro key binding

    I have used this to bind macros to keys in the past:

    /script SetBindingMacro ("key","macroname")

    it has worked fine for a long time now, recently (2.3 maybe?) it stopped working sorta. It will still work, but as soon as i log off it clears it out. I have a feeling it has something to do with an addon but without listing all I use, could this just be a break in the script now? anyone know?

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    Re: Macro key binding

    Bind the key to a toolbar slot. Put the macro in the toolbar slot. Voila.
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    Re: Macro key binding

    I would have done that a long time ago if I didnt mind having it on my toolbar. I am trying to avoid taking up another slot. This has worked perfect for a long time, not sure why it stopped.

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    Re: Macro key binding

    Use a hidden action bar. If you haven't already, try an action bar-addon like Bartender

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