Ruined, a Raiding Guild is currently recruiting. Formed from the experienced Learn To Play core raiding team, we seek to push for endgame content with the primary focus on progression in 25 man raid instances, whilst still allowing members to have a life outside of WoW.

If you do not enjoy raiding or the considerable investment of time and effort needed to support it, then we are not for you. Since we do not have a heavy raid schedule we need to maximise the time we do raid so whilst the schedule may not be "hardcore", the raids themselves will be.

If though, you do like raiding, have nothing left in Karazahn or from heroic badges and want the chance to experience high-end game content in a mature environment, then we may be of interest to you.

There will be five scheduled raids per week of which you will be required to attend at least three.
Raid times are Invites 2015, Start 2030 to 2300, all times Server time.

Applications can be made at