<Unforgettable> are recruiting:
healers for our assault on mount hyjal & the black temple

We are looking for two well geared & experienced healers who want a stable guild with good progress.

1x Holy Priest
1x Resto Shaman

About us

Unforgettable is a horde guild on Magtheridon, and have been running for almost 2 years now, enjoying success pre tbc in raiding from MC, through BWL & AQ40 as well as starting Nax.

With the burning crusade has came a new set of challenges and slowly but surely we have worked our way to our current status of starting the conquest of mount hyjal & the black temple.

From the very start this guild has always been about playing to the best of your ability while still remembering that this is a game & that the No1 aim is to have fun.

Progress wise both TK & SSC are clear & we have already started the next batch of content killing winterchill in MH & taking a peek inside BT.

About you
we are looking for someone who is

minimum 18 years old
Be available to raid from 19.00 to 23.00 server time
Be able to attended 3 out of 5 raid days every week (raids are mon, tues, wed, thus, sun)
Be able to speak & write English
Use ventrilo

but most importantly you need to have a good team spirit, this means no disrespecting others, moaning about wipes or blaming others. No guild never wipes and we believe its the way that a guild handles wipes which separates the good from the bad ones.

Gear requirements:
These are the minimum we would expect from any applicant

1700 + heal 125mp5 (while casting)


because we are making the big step from SSC/TK to BT/MH we need people who either are fully attunded to BT/MH or are 90% of the way there.

As a minimum you need to have completed the black temple questline up to Ruse of the Ashtongue (killing alar), & you should ideally have the Lady Vashj Vial.

Cross realm apps will be considered but please include info on how soon you would be able to transfer(the sooner the better).

To apply

To make an application go to


and make a post on the application section


or talk to Getelturci├╣, Hellorc, Asur, Colde, Maxmoo, Worry, or Zata in game.