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    Best PVP healing spec!

    just looking for some insight on this! im pretty bad at speccing and was wondering if anyone could hit me with some knowledge or even a spec!

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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!

    something that would help is a class
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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!

    dont you think its bit too early to make builds when talents get changed by daily basis ...

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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!

    oops my bad left out the most important part im an idiot! class is priest!

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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!

    i would guess Coh priest might even take the spot in 5s otherwise it will be good`ol disc just bit more offensive play style this time around.

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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!


    This looks like a decent pvp spec for 2v2. :-*
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    Re: Best PVP healing spec!

    I would go with something like this...


    It focuses on crits and shields to keep you and your group alive and keep the casters from losing casting time.

    P.S. I only put 1 pt into Focused Will b/c for 1 pt it gives 2% dmg reduction/3% increased healing, while each additional pt only gives 1% more dmg reduction/1% increased healing... just wanted to point that out!

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