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    Is Enlightenment viable now?

    I'm a Dpriest and I have never wasted 5 points into enlightenment thus far. However, with it's attractive buff, it's harder to say no. This is my Discipline tree (53/18) as it is without it, but I have to sigh at neglecting the chance of having 5% more.. of everything?


    P.S.- The buff to Inner Fire convinced me of using it.

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    Re: Is Enlightenment viable now?

    inner focus: increse your healing from innerfire spells

    i checked on ptr it doesn't give more spellpower.
    i've been playing healing priest for a while - always knew that your healing spells are holy spells. so what exactly is innerfire healing spells?

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    Re: Is Enlightenment viable now?

    If you want deep disc you can easily take 5/5 enlightenment - and it would also be one of the only means to add to your healing as disc unfortunately.
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