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    Re: Bypass 50% dmg reduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Xaria
    I think you hope too much on the words bypasses damage reduction effects.

    To me that reads as things like shielding, ice barriers, mana shields, sacrificed voidwalkers. Not armor, resilience.
    The whole idea of the words seem to me it only works on effects. Ofcourse I have no idea to prove this or anything. But would it not seem a bit OP to for example ignore the 20k armor a feral druid might have for 50%?

    Oh well, blizzard wants to give pala's so much love >_>
    I don't know why you posted this comment, since thats the exact way I think of the talent aswell. I only posted the question for confirmation.

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    Re: Bypass 50% dmg reduction

    absorbing dmg and reducing it are 2 totally whole different things so it shouldn`t cut trought priests PW:shield or ice barrier ect.

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    Re: Bypass 50% dmg reduction

    I personally think it´ll only apply to things that reduce damage and not absorb/immune to damage.

    It would be kind of weird though, because the damage you deal is absorbed or made immune in the combat log. What I can see will happen though is that when you pop your wings, the damage you deal onto a PW:shield will deal more damage since it ignores 50% of the targets armor, so the shield will go down quicker.

    Another thing besides armor is talents like Cheath Death and the new priest skill Dispersion, I hope that the wings will affect those talents since well.. they just state a fixed percentage of damage reduction.

    And getting rid of 50% of a feral druid's 20k armor in pvp is alright. Afterall, the wings have always and still will scream for either crowd control or dispel/purge.

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