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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Heaven forbid you tell your partner(s) to snare or you use HoJ or Repentance as something other than an interrupt. Mages can't counterspell a warrior to stop him from moving! Shamans can't interrupt if their shocks are on CD from frosting.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Yes, Bad Acid, they don't have to. They have Frost Nova (21s CD) no diminishing return, along with a pet; dare I also mention Blink (15s CD) or the multitude of debuffs to dispel before nova comes off? The Shaman only has to wait 6 seconds before he can Shock. A paladin on the other hand has one minute and a diminishing return to worry about.

    In any case, you are right, you should rely on your partner to help. That's why you have warriors for disarm, demoralizing shout and mortal strike and intercept to help slow them down. However, there is no other melee-oriented spec who must ask her partner to snare her target other than the retribution paladin. And while you're right, no class is ever in a vacuum, no opponent is either.

    I am not really sure what bubble has to do with whether or not retribution paladins should have a kind of snare effect, annomander. It doesn't matter if you supposedly have to kill a retribution paladin twice (which isn't true and you know that since you've played one) if she can never land a crusader strike on her opponent because she's been kited from here to kingdom come.

    And I highly doubt a real snare dooms anyone, Shjade. Ret paladins still need Mortal Strike, Wounding Poison or Aimed Shot help from their partner(s). No one is asking for MS here. Ret shouldn't get it, and no other melee hybrids should have it either.

    As Zate said, we're just trying to add some input into a class that's seeing significant changes. A snare effect is something Blizzard should look into.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Quote Originally Posted by annomander999
    you can still bubble cant you?


    so every class has to kill you twice... if you are any good at playing your class

    and yes, i have played a paladin before
    equals not enough mana to fight as of now.
    Also about our problems with runners i think that SoJ should not be another slow ability but that Blizz should add an effect to pursuit of justice that would increase your speed to catch that player affected by JoJ giving you a pursuit of justice buff for a set amount of time.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    @ OP

    Paladins dont need a spammable snare. With all that burst it would be grossly overpowered if you could also stick to your opponents like glue. Be glad you can dispel, BoF and shield yourself. Im gearing a ret pala at the moment, and even with that measly blue pvp set and and some honor gear, im having alot more fun in BGs then i ever had with my full veng warrior. And in arena, well if you cant snare, fix a comp where your teammates can, problem solved. Its a MULTIplayer game, right?

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    You make it sound like you're alone in bg's and arenas.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Rets are fine...

    Get poj and l2dispell.
    The tank is the driver, healer is the fuel. And the DPS are the kids sitting in the back crying about if they're there yet.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Don't really have a lot of experience with high level paladin play but, assuming that all paladins that spec Ret for PVP should(?) have points in persuit of justice, wouldn't Blessing of Freedom + Divine Purpose make up for this issue? Instead of having a slow effect, the speed diference is enforced by having you be faster and harder to slow down.

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    Re: Ret PvP concern.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spamor
    You know thats what makes the game fun.
    I mean you could give all classes a copies of a spells. We have seen it with Mortal Strike and the could change the character creation screen to class 1 2 3 and all have the same spells only the name is different.

    The game would be like communistic staat, nobody will be happy in such a staat in the longrun. Every one wants to be unique. A baker isn´t going to do what a fisher does. It already sucks that in wow female and male chars share the same stats, elder scrolls had that pretty neat.

    The classes have there certain weakness's for a reason, to give the game flavor. There will allways be flamers and whiner e.g. Mortal Strike vs Crusader Strike or Shamis flurry vs warriors furry etc. This is how you get skill into a game. Offcourse some classes are easery to play, but then you can be proud if made the same.

    Some of you just go well blizzard failed at this and that, you know you could allways make your own game and make it better with all classes having all spells. No one is holding you back.

    This is getting ridiculous guys. A unique snare or not, it's a snare. While every snare they add to the game just makes me that much happier I tend to roll gnome, this game is getting very very repetitive compared to Vanilla WoW. Converting healing and spell dmg into one stat, adding stuns to every other class in the game, now even including casters, giving every class and their mother a way to get out of snares..

    Maybe we should have three classes. Tank, healer and DPS. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh?

    Well it's already happening, and due to stupid suggestions such as this that somehow end up making it into the game.

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