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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    I really have to say how suprised I am. It seemed like Warriors were going to be pretty lacklustre in the expansion and I was actually considering changing my main to be a Death Knight, but these changes are amazing!

    I realise that there will probably be some nerfs (Furious Attacks anyone?), but I think these changes are a step in the right direction. I'm especially pleased with Fury giving extra party/raid utility and more viability in PVP with Furious Attacks (can see the % chance being reduced alot though) and the new Rampage.

    Loving the buff to Bloodthirst so that it scales with your health (although it looks like it might have been in previous builds, but I just didn't notice ), Titan's Grip without the speed penalty and the reduced cooldowns/rage cost of various abilities. I'm actually excited about seeing what my Warrior will be capable of in the expansion. Lets hope we get some equally nice skills to go with these talents now!

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    I don't think they'll take away the fury's MS but will probably nerf it a little. Fury lacks mobility and survivability.

    Sweet buffs over all, makes me not give a damn about mace stun now.... but Blizz really have killed mace spec which makes me angry. Ahh well, hello axes!

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