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    [PvE] 5/6 Recruiting healers

    Phoenix on Greymane (www.phoenixgreymane.com) is looking to recruit a few classes. Please read and understand what we are and what we need before applying. You should fully understand how our guild works, how our raids are ran, and what's needed of our members. You can apply by visiting the website and filling the application forum, and your questions can be answered if you log on Greymane and asking anyone online. We're looking to add two healers to our roster, we're also open to adding a hunter and warlock if the application is good enough.

    Our aim is to have 3 shamans, 3 paladins, 2 druids and 2 priests. At the moment we have 2 shamans, 3 paladins, 1 druid and 2 priest, therefore we're looking for one of each of the following:

    - Resto Shaman
    - Resto Druid
    - Hunter

    Illidan 10/22/2007
    Kalecgos 3/30/2008
    Brutallus 4/6/2008
    Felmyst 4/16/2008
    Eredar Twins 5/10/2008
    M'uru 7/16/2008

    About us:
    We have been around since early 2006. We raid Sunday through Thursday from 830 to 1 EST. We have never started more than 5 minutes earlier than raid time, and we have never pushed our raids more than 10 minutes overtime. We keep to our schedule the same during progression time.

    We emphasize efficiency in our raids. We keep our downtime to a minimum. We keep the time-wasting idiots away. During farmed content we enjoy pushing high dps on bosses, seeing how fast we clear the place...etc. We managed to cut down our BT clear to around 3 hours and Hyjal to 1:30 when we were farming them. We enjoy some pvp when not raiding, but most of our focus is on raiding. We respect our players enough to not insult them, but we expect 110% in return.

    What we're looking for:
    You should fully understand what we require from our members, failure to do so would result in a waste of 25$ on your side and a waste of time on ours. If you are slightly doubtful of being able to fit in, please do not apply. Here's what we are looking for in our members:

    Self-motivated - You love the raiding game. A lot of us would raid 8 hours a day 7 days a week if our jobs allowed it. You don't need someone to tell you to use a flask/oil/food when doing content that requires it. During progression, you'd respec for bosses just to gain that additional hp, or chance to resist fear, or chance to stun. You should be constantly researching your class trying to better yourself. Generally, you enjoy being in a raid instance and killing bosses.

    Reliability - We don't recruit for the bench, we have enough casuals and alts to warm the bench. We depend on our members to make our raids. You should be able meet our raid times on a consistent basis, when you can't, you would normally let us know ahead of time so we can work around it. Nothing is more frustrating to a raid than to log on and find out someone didn't log on, deeming the raid not capable of doing what's scheduled for the night. It's overly frustrating when we would have worked around it had we known ahead of time. Around 90% attendance should be normal for you, if you can't sustain that then please do not apply.

    Skill - You should be able to play your class in a raid environment. That means anything from pushing high dps, to spellsteal tanking, to interrupting casts, to coping with different movement requirements for different boss fights. If you're the slightest bit doubtful about your ability, please do not apply.

    Efficiency - We ensure our raids are as efficient as possible, we keep the downtime to a minimum and during progression, we try to keep the same 25 until we get a kill. If you have children or family pets that require constant attention during raids, if you get off work 15 minutes before raid time, if you run to a coffee shop to make raid times, please do not apply. You should be able to do all your daily needs ahead of raid time and dedicate the four hours to raiding. The only thing worse than raiding with bads is raiding with afk'ers. You should be living somewhere where you are able to comfortably make our raid times so you can give the raid the time and attention it requires.

    Intelligence - This doesn't really mean "don't be stupid". You need to be smart enough to understand what's going around you. This becomes especially important when working on new content where everyone's contribution and observation helps the raid progress. The raid leader can't always instantly recognize a weakness, especially on bosses where the raid is split up to handle multiple sets of mobs, so you should be able to understand and analyze events around you and contribute to the raid's progression. Being previously in a raid leader/guild master position is a plus.

    Gear - This doesn't mean have every best in slot piece in the game. What we mean by this is you should choose your gear, gems and enchants intelligently and your raid set should reflect that.

    Apply at www.phoenixgreymane.com or log in Greymane and speak with an officer if you had questions.

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