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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashton
    Will not be biting on this either.
    You just did. (oh, in regards to this thread: not a very friendly way to phrase it, but he is quite right you know...)

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    lol who is the jerk that sent you that letter Ashton? Just ignore him/her. He or she obviously doesn't worth much if they think they have the right to bash at new priest players. you can pretty much tell their maturity levels from that writing. by the way, just because people don't raid 16 hours a day doesn't mean they can't be a good priest. there are skilled casual priests in this game too.

    and about this thread been in the wrong place, it will be appropriate once wotlk comes out

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    I just healed mana tombs and durnholde, nothing massive i know. But i was finding if i leave the 5sr to finish before i start casting it takes me to long to react to situations.

    Is it ok for me to cast say a greater heal with 2.5 sec cast at around 1sec left before 5sr kicks in?

    So far i start with a PoM, then flash/greater heal depending on the situation and damage they take. Whats the best way to use clearcasting when it procs? So far I've just been kinda ignoring it to a certain degree.

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    To get out of the 5sr, you don't have to stop casting completely but instead you should cast GH and then abort it if they don't need it after 2 secs. Then immediately recast. This means when they take a lot of damage you're already there with the heal.

    Ideally when you get clearcasting you want to do what you want to cast a GH (as late as possible) and then Inner Focus and cast another one. If you do this you get a minimum of 2.5 seconds out of the 5sr. Admittedly I often don't notice the clearcasting proc or find IF is already on CD.

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    Ashton, after the FSR kicks in you regen full untill next mana-costing spell is cast. That means you still regen full even tho you started casting say gheal1 but cancelled it before it lands. Hope this helps on the reaction problems you mentioned. This is the same reason clearcasting and inner focus will help you stay in FSR longer, they make the spells cost 0 mana. You should, ofc, use clearcasting for anything since its a free spell but try to keep your casting at a minimum when it procs - you will easy get into FSR.

    For 5 mans which can be aggro sensitive start off with pom, when tank takes the first hit give him renew and start casting some rank of gheal depending on the gear of the tank. For the ppl here that says they dont use downranking theyre missing out ½ of the holy priest class.

    When you advance to 25 man raids there is no other way than CoH. Try asking your mages, warlocks how much spirit they have and you will see that imp divine spirit is useless on ssc/tk level. (who cares about the resto druids crying) This can change in higher raiding levels, like we run with 2 holy priests and 1 spirit.
    You role in raids is aoe healing with pom, coh and poh and sometimes using stopcasting with max rank gheal on the tank for spike damage combined with renew. This continues in bt/mh and at sunwell level all I do is using coh, pom, poh and renew. Flash heal and gheal simply cannot put out 12500 healing every 2,5 seconds.

    on another note, most of the advice I found here was rather bad and I would suggest you to check elitis jerks holy priest raiding compendium made by some undead priest I believe. Needless to say, even bad advice does not deserve the kind of response you got from that PM which I found rather sad

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    "You should, ofc, use clearcasting for anything since its a free spell"

    Clearcasting is NOT inner focus. Clearcasting is the Holy Concentration effect - therefore it only works w/ flash- binding- and greater heal.

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips


    No I want him to cast Prayer of Fortitude when clearcasting procs ??? I did not point at any similarities between clearcasting and inner focus other than the fact that they both grant a free spell. (be this spell pom og gh)

    Ive been wondering what people like you(dionadar) do on forums besides writing useless stuff. Give him a tip, maybe a site to find raiding guides, anything else than the standard Im-too-cool-for-this-forum-2-line-response. Besides the capitalization of NOT in your post to somehow say this confusion would be a common mistake is rly not needed. Anyone who visits a forum asking for help has ofc read something as simple as tooltips.

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    Buddy, what he's saying is that's literally impossible. The proc only works off of and only grants free casts of those very specific spells. It's not like Mage clearcasting where it's any (damaging) spell.

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    Re: Priest Healing Tips

    My point is that anyone visiting a forum should know this fact simply by reading the tooltip. I would not expect people to look outside the game for help without even exploring what is ingame. Therefore the lecture is not needed

    A lot of priets seem to get stuck when clearcasting procs caus they wanna save it till the last second. When target runs out of range or is healed to full the free cast might very well be lost. Dont let this happen since actually getting a usefull max rank gh off would prob save u more mana than you would get by focusing on getting into FSR as long as possible. This was what I tried to point out. No hard feelings

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