Thread: Hand of Purity?

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    Hand of Purity?

    What happened to this Hand of Purity spell I had been hearing about before Beta. As one of the few things promised for WotLK for paladins...where has it gone? I thought for sure it would be made by now. Does anyone know if it is still on its way...with release so there even a chance? What happened to our reactive healing spell?

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    Re: Hand of Purity?

    you realize pro will be using that new shield spell from holy too to reduce damage.

    they can even use the evocation between pulls to refill on mana.

    i don't see it as a problem, just a link to the tree it belongs in.

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    Re: Hand of Purity?

    shameless bump...anyone have thoughts?

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    Re: Hand of Purity?

    It turned into Sacred Shield most likely, I doubt we'll see it again.

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