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    Re: Nerf bat hurts

    so lets compare this.

    rogues are complaining about obviously not being #1 dd anymore.
    wls are complaining, that the nerf bat smashed them right into the face.
    warriors are complaing about TG getting -15% hit.
    druids are complaing to get not one spec for tank and kitty and for resto to not be as strong single target healers as the rest
    paladins are complainig about still not being a good group healer as the rest.
    priests are complaining about shadowspec being useless in wotlk because of retridins and sv huntards.
    hunters are complaining about skills recently added in wotlk are gonna be not that uber they seem to be in beginning.
    shamans are complaining as well, that they can do anything but nothing as good as some of the "predicted" classes.
    mages are complainig that they do not get some uberleet buff than all the other classes get.
    and finally deathknights complain about not to be this OP class a "hero class" is supposed to be.

    erm... yes. sounds like being balanced, doesn't it? :> kinda funny.

    I think, blizzard is going to be a quite well job. any class has it "well-time" - classic it was a rogue at the start, at the end anything that have had T3, bc at the start it was mage and warrior, at the end it was anything playing with a druid, so wotlk there will be some class, too - but it the end everything well bit in most ways more or less be balanced. I really don't understand this whining post all over every thread :<

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    Re: Nerf bat hurts

    Quote Originally Posted by Koris
    Rolling a rogue in advance is better. :-\
    my rogue is ready and rolling in full s3 since mid s3 :P
    my resto shammy was my new target, but it seems that resto shammy won't be the "imba healer" in wotlk :P
    guess i'll continue doing 1 lvl a day for my warrior or my druid :X

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    Re: Nerf bat hurts

    /s LOL Locktard
    WTB Spell/Grammer check?

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    Re: Nerf bat hurts

    /tar retardin

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    Re: Nerf bat hurts


    /2 LF Lock 2v2
    WTB Spell/Grammer check?

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