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    Hope for the pvp Shadow Priest

    Dont give up hope shadow priests. I have just put a group together with multiple shadow priests. we managed to destroy even full s4 reroll (including wep//shoulders) 3 healer warrior shaman teams. HAVE FAITH. I'll keep u guys posted on the rating, didnt have much time to play yet, only like 12 games =(

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    Re: Hope for the pvp Shadow Priest

    Link the SP's on armoury, or is this PTR?

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    Re: Hope for the pvp Shadow Priest

    Sp isnt that bad in pvp at all, i seem to have no trouble at least. When it comes to arena i dont really know i occasionally do 10 games for some points, but i find arena just extremely boring and a waiste of time. The few battles i have done, it is pretty crap we get ganked so easily but thats part of the game. However, gief screeny / link to armory or whatever because 5 sp beating full S4 teams. Gotta see it before i believe it.

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    Re: Hope for the pvp Shadow Priest

    It was done before with 4sp and 1 affliction lock :P apparantely they did quite well with 4x VE, but not sure if the priests were played by a multiboxer.

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