Dunno, that was a really dumb sentence ffrom blizz. Actually I can't say if the talent is actually working or broken. At least Blizzard makes eeverytime the same mistake by just changing everything in every build.

So maybe our DPS was a bit OP in the last build, but instead of making a few adjustements, they rework half of the mechanics, so we have to rework on everything after every build.

Also I don't think it was that clear, that we've done that much damage.

Maybe these changes are ok in the endgame, but compared to live DPS, the actual Beta DPs didn't really improve.

And theres another think I can't really understand. Just why SW has been "forgotten" in every talent ? I mean we lost 6% on MB, but why did we lost 10% on SW ? We only have 2 crittable spells, so it might be an idea, that the 4% crit from the talents count also for SW.

Ah and btw, for those wo did`n't understand the twisted faith change, we could actually get 15% Bonus damage on a target because of devouring plague (3x5% in the old version) so they nerved that one too. But thats ok generallyspoken.

An other concern about devoring plague is it's really low damage and even lower health. Don't get why the health is based on the basedmg actually.

But there are also some good points. Hymn of Hope is really good talent now and quite useful in PVP and PVE concerns.

After all, I'm waiting for new WWS Logs from nax to conclude about our DPS now. It's just impossible to calcuate the effctive impact of the nerf. In Solo play environment it's about -20% compared to the last build, but maybe in a raid this isn't this dramatic
Edit: To add something about holy, the tree seems okay, but we are "losing" a lot of points through it. This means divine providence should be a 3 point talent and test of faith and Serendipity a 2point talent. Then it would be a quite good tree...