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    Why do we bother?

    I can think think of lots of reasonable things to do to fix hunters and their 'easy kill' status - bigger frost trap area, melee interupt, scattered shot as trainable, tranquilizing shot sloing rage or energy generation (it is calle dtranquilizing shot!), god I think all hunters can.

    Its usually the basic principle that the under dog gets the benifit of the doubt - does anyone think as far as PvP Hunters arent the under dog?

    So give us the benefit of the doubt and nerf us afterwards! My shots make no impression even on clothies, everyone has an antihunter fix as far as I can see, but nope lets keep hunters in the 'easy kill' catagory.

    I know there are some HUnters who are wonderful and the rest of us are whineing noobs but - the rest of us do play this game. On this website of 'top 5' PvP classes you dont see Hunter and if you tried it would be as a joke.

    HUnters are good to level, good in raids (I dont actually believe there are thta many huntards about) but we truely truely stick against nearly every other class (except for the really good players who dont see a problem).

    Rant over - and I look forward to the snide, unpleasant remarks - always disappoints me and oh how I love to be disappointed (hence having a hunter).

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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Making classes op because they were up is not good design .

    Besides wotlk is an entire new ballpark, I currently have no clue (since I don't play beta) which classes are strong in well everything(but I guess you are talking about arena?).

    Keep in mind though if you say people who play perfectly with the hunter class are doing fine, maybe it isn't a matter of hunters needing buff since then those would be op, but in making it a little easier to pvp with .
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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Because I don't PVP and we do incredibly well in PVE.
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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Well for the 3 years I have played a hunter I have come to deal with the anti -pvp -affinity hunters have always had. I have seen a few hunters overcome and break into the 2k bracket with skill and knowledge of the class. If you want a faceroll easy class for pvp go roll a rogue (or I guess a ret pally). Otherwise learn to overcome and hope for blizzard to help us in some way for pvp and enjoy our domination in PvE and solability.

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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Because when we all rolled hunters, we had no idea what so ever what we were doing. Not one of us. And then we started playing and leveling was such a breeze, we all fell in love with our glorious ranged-weapon-wielding, pet-befriending, little bastards. Eventually we stopped leveling, cause, you know, there's a cap. Everything got a lot harder then.

    If you wanted to raid, you had to flail about until you discovered there was one cookie cutter build and the rest were shit. (Thank you Wrath, for letting me have options).
    If you wanted to PVP, you had to learn dozens, DOZENS of myriad skills and abilities. This ain't no warlock DOT happy fun time.

    And yet, you still loved your little troll/dwarf/whatever you chose. So, you stuck with it. Some of us embraced the complication and were proud of our accomplishments. Others gave up and either rerolled or QQ'd endlessly.

    So, hunters go two ways. There are the real hunters, the solid players who can accomplish something. And there are the huntards, whiny bitches who don't know their asses from the two knives they're dual wielding.

    So, shut your mouth and go amount to something.

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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Why do hunters always QQ? My hunter is in 2/5 brutal rest merc and prince bow (an alt) and I can kill most anything but a rogue. And for arenas just roll a drain team, or if you've ever watched 3v3 tourneys just go priest hunter rogue, hunters can get fine ratings. The only classes that should QQ are paladins and shamans, and even still on live servers if your good enough you can hit 2000 as paladins atleast. The only 2000 shamans I've seen are from 5v5 drain teams.
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    Re: Why do we bother?

    Well as a playing rogue there is difference like night and day between good hunter team and bad one. In arenas when you face restodruid/hunter, for restokin rogue hunter/druid is at it`s best unbeatable counter setup just like warlock/druid is. But i must admit those setups must be pain in the ass to play, so long matches and to be effective you can`t do that many mistakes which in a match that lasts almost always closer to 40-60 mins can be quite tricky. Keeping your game together for hours and hours might come a issue sooner or later just to get beated by rngìng facerolling warrior.

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