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    BlizzCon, Professions and Your Death Knight

    So if any of you were at the last years BlizzCon, you should remember that they not only had an entire panel dedicated to professions, but also told us some amazing ideas they had to have them become ALOT less monotonous and reduce the grind that we all must induce back to lower lvl, useless crafting to get where our max lvl chars need to be.

    One of the ideas that they even threw out was being able to just buy your way to start at a respectable area being about 300skill or so. Now I know that seems a bit far fetched, but does sound like an awesome idea none of us would argue. Now, having that been said, I have been wondering for quite some time now, and have never had an answer (I was going to ask this question at BlizzCon, but they let too many whiny retard healers ask useless questions about their classes that have had answers for them for months)

    Does anyone know if blizzard has made any headway on making the leveling of DK's professions anything less than a total waste of time? Something like they did with First Aid in beta (ie; Starting it at 300), while I know its not the same, starting a crafting/gathering grind from 300-450 is FAR LESS cumbersome than starting from scratch. I would just like to have this answered sometime prior to the expansion coming out. Thanks to anyone who might have some information.

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    Re: BlizzCon, Professions and Your Death Knight

    well I dont know if blizz has planned for this yet, but it could be a possibility that in the DK starting zone, there will be plenty of reasources to lvl from 1-250 then a little bit from BC 250- 325 then Northrend will end it with 325-450. thats just my thoughts they would do because it would be dumb not to. also, ur idea is the lazy way and im sure blizz wont want u to be lazy and just buy ur way through a profession. but w/e blizz does, blizz does i guess.

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