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    Buff bars and bags

    Hey All, I'm looking for a new buff bar addon, as it seems that Elkano doesn't work with the new patch. I tried Buffalo, but no matter what options I changed, nothing happened. /shrug Anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I'm looking for a bag addon, but I mostly want it so I can adjust where (ie position on the screen) my bags open.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Buff bars and bags

    Bag addon - Bagnon:


    Satrina's Buff Bars 3.0 beta:


    Bunch of other downloads here:


    Hope they help.

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    Re: Buff bars and bags

    This is a nice little place.


    Stole from another thread.. cant remember where.
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    Re: Buff bars and bags

    Nice one.

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    Re: Buff bars and bags

    Going to have to download these once I get home! Damn work... Keeping me from WoW...heh...

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    Re: Buff bars and bags

    Great! Thanks for the help guys!

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