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    Ret or Prot? That is the question..

    I currently play a Prot Pally. I've only recently hit 70, and my gear is not great.

    My question is, with all the changes in both Prot and Ret spec, which should I choose? I want to do better damage for grinding till WOTLK hits (and after), but I also want to be able to tank a 5-man or two.

    All the hype ret is getting, and the massive damage I see going on all around me, I want a peice of the pie. But I'm always asked to tank stuff as well. I'm torn.. Which should I choose? (anxiously awaiting dual-specs, lol)

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    Re: Ret or Prot? That is the question..

    As a prot pally I'd tell you to go ret.

    Not because prot is bad or anything but because of these reasons:

    a. it's easier to be a undergeared dps than a undergeared tank*
    b. you can PvP and get some stuff that way
    c. I doubt many isntaces will be run just prior to wrath
    d. Dual spec in wrath So just pick up the odd piece of prot gear on your way

    *especially as ret is godmode for the time being

    Hope that helped

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