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    Prayer of Healing

    I was just wondering why PoH didnt have its cast time decreased by divine fury. i try to use it when im healing but if i am the only healer the 3s cast time usually means one or more ppl die while im trying to get the cast off, so i end up just spamming CoH. CoH needs a cd to prevent ppl from just spamming it and ignoring the other heals that priests have. but if you make diving fury reduce PoH by .5 s then if you are the raid healer in a raid you can very easily keep up a rotation of CoH, PoH, and PoM and very easily keep up the raid. just a suggestion because i love prayer of healing and was wondering what other ppl thought

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    Re: Prayer of Healing

    I assume you aren't keeping up with current blues on the coh/wg OP topic...?

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    Re: Prayer of Healing

    i try to, but i do miss stuff now and then, last i heard was they were thinking about putting a 6s cd on it

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    Re: Prayer of Healing

    i actually never use PoH.. mostly because of the long casting time.. is it actually worth using again?

    i mainly use gheal, (free) flash heals (especcially since dipendipity procs this most of time and makes it more mana efficient)
    PoM (if i know some AE dmg is incoming)
    Renew (only on the tank when i need to heal up other party members and got a sort like buffer)
    CoH (only if really needed, and no i'm not spamming this)

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    Re: Prayer of Healing

    yeah i usually use the same stuff, and only really use CoH when its needed, but i much rather use PoH and only reason i dont use it is b/c it takes 3s to get it off. it would def be using if they took it down to 2.5 at least

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    Re: Prayer of Healing

    CoH isn't a complete replacement for PoH. You should use both. Although since the CoH buffs, PoH has been pushed to the sidelines, it's not dead yet.

    A primary example of this is Loatheb. In the 10 man version, one priest timing PoH followed by one or two rapid CoH can easily heal the raid and tank alone. In the 25 man version, the group with the priest in it will never die and one priest is likely to have 40-50% of all healing done. For major raidhealing, there is just nothing beating a team of priests spamming PoH.

    The problem with PoH is that it's slow, clunky and insanely expensive. The world of healing has moved on, and the once great PoH has become mostly an artifact of the past. While its HPS is still unmatched, no priest is able to spam it. At Loatheb, even casting it every 20 seconds is draining my manapool. Then again, we have slow DPS'ers in my guild, so all fights are taking a while. PoH has its uses, but it's mostly limited to a few casts every day.

    One of the major points of the big ugly CoH discussion thread is that if CoH do get a cooldown, it need to get a powerup in output at the same time. A non-spammable heal healing 5 random raiders for <10% of their HP bars every 6 seconds for a moderately high amount of mana is just not worth your hassle. Every priest knows, one CoH is never enough. But if it healed for, say, double its current amount, the output difference between CoH and PoH output is almost nil.

    Well, apart from the fact that PoH still costs the combined annual mana output of Tanzania to cast. But if we for a second pretend that we can ignore manacosts, the only real reason for going deep holy post-nerf is to have a front-loaded PoH. Otherwise, a Holy priests is just a discipline priest who trades his Penance and survivability for a truckload of mana issues and some slightly stronger heals. I am not convinced. Nor are most other priests.

    Closing; CoH is overpowered. A glyphed CoH is ridiculous. But holy priests without CoH just don't have anything worthy of a raidspot except as backup runners. That's the CoH issue in a nutshell. And that's why there is so much discussion about it.
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