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    Priest healing questions.

    In the current look of things are priests better at pve healing then shamans?
    If there doing really good, then can someone link my a raiding spec because I'll switch over to my 70priest over my shaman
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    Re: Priest healing questions.

    Comparing healing classes is (often) like comparing apples to oranges.
    Raid Healing =/= Tank Healing =/= PvP Healing, etc etc

    With the CoH nerf, I'd say that Shammies will remain the dominant raid healing class, with Disc and properly-specced Priests being a better choice for tank healing and Arena teams.
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    Re: Priest healing questions.

    Yea i know, that why i said overall, as in overall importance to a raid
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    Re: Priest healing questions.

    The nerf to CoH isn't effecting holy priest that are actually good at healing very much. The nerf will hurt on fights where you have to get the entire raid healed up quickly but for the most part its probably going to help the current priest that just spam CoH by making them use other heals.

    As far as what class is a better healer it just depends on the fight. Both are very useful but to say one is better isn't really fair.

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    Re: Priest healing questions.

    To imply that priests are better then shamans is false, it all comes down to player skill.

    If you compare a disc priest to a holy priest with equal skill and gearlvl, they will both have done what they were good at, and done it well.

    In tbc I had a resto shammy and shadowpriest, I found that restoshamans were very restricted when it comes to healing, only relying on direct heals, but now with wotlk that has changed with earthliving procs and riptide plus gift of the naaru that finally scales with spellpower/attack power. they are capable hot healers and tank healers, while still being good raidhealers.

    Same for priest, I have lvl 80 discipline priest, they are supposed to excell at single target healing, and they perform that role very well, when my group takes aoe damage I dont neceserailly have to PoH my party because I'm very good at spothealing combined with shields I can also prevent incoming damage. (penance rocks! ;D)

    Anyway, to say that priests are better healers is in no way justified, any healer that knows his class and performs well at healing is a good healer.

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    Re: Priest healing questions.

    Shammies and priests are not comparable, neither prior nor after the CoH nerf.

    A shaman is a very mana efficient raidhealer with solid single target healing capabilities. They are designed to be able to spam Chain Heal, and can do so virtually forever with few breaks. Within ten seconds, a trio of shammies will have the raid healed up to prime condition. If things die before that, shamans will have a problem, but in WoTLK, their toolbox has been improved to deal with these situations too.

    A discipline priest is a very solid single target healer with some AoE capabilities and some utility. While not as good as a holy paladin in any way (except the AoE), the discipline priest offers a good combination of healing power, sustainability and unique utility giving the discipline priest one solid raidspot in my guild. Also, penance rocks. Just don't even think of bringing two of them.

    A holy priest is a very mana inefficient allround healer. They can do anything, and have excessive power which opens for a lot of different playstyles. But they can not sustain their healing for very long; the entire tree is based around exploiting the five second rule, and spamfights are their major weakness. A single target spamming priest will outheal a paladin, but he can not sustain the manacost for more than 2-3 minutes in top notch gear. A single CoH-spamming priest is a powerhouse healer which can almost soloheal the raid, but again, not for very long as he can easily burn through 5000 mana in 10 seconds doing so. But pair him up with 2-3 innervating druids, and the priest is one badass healer.

    Too badass, as CoH is getting nerfed. But that's a discussion for another thread. Anyway, the holy priest doesn't have to heal the raid himself, and as long as he realises this, he should be able to hold back enough to not run oom in 60 seconds.
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