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    Over Healing

    Last night i did a heroic and healed for about 1.91 million HP my Over heal was 220k or about 11.5% overheal.

    I never had any mana issue. Im guessing OverHeal doesnt really matter if i am not going OOM

    But i just wanted to know if there is a standard ? 10-20-30-50 % overheals

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    Re: Over Healing

    Well i guess i am right then. If i over heal for 40% and dont have any mana issue with OOM doesnt really matter.

    That just means next time i have someone freak about my heals ill till them to go pound sand you didnt die did you 8)

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    Re: Over Healing

    You can overheal 200%, as long as you don't go oom and your group stays alive, it doesn't matter.

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    Re: Over Healing

    Thats what i was thinking i just had some ass freak out cause my OH was very high but we lived and i never was OOM.

    So after another Heroic i thought id ask for my healing info and see if there was any reason for this person BS.

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    Re: Over Healing

    If you were CoH only (especially since it's getting "nerfed") then I think you might need to be concerned.

    However, in a 5 man... Overhealing doesn't matter.

    In a Raid (25 man specifically) it's a little bit bigger issue, only because it's harder to overheal a LOT and still not run OOM.

    Either way, 11.5% isn't a lot. If you were in the 20-30% I'd be more concerned. 11% is pretty decent.

    Either way... if you're responsibility stays alive.. OH isn't as big of a deal as some other things. It's always a good way to gauge how slow of a reaction you have (compared to other healers in raids).

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