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    Re: In-Depth PvE Holy Talents

    Quote Originally Posted by Jahnaca
    I found that there is no perfect be all end all spec. Talent points can be and are situational. The thing is if your facing that situation maybe you should switch up your talent tree to accommodate that situation. For example Healing Focus, ya for much of my raiding time I didn’t need that talent then when I came up against a situation I said, you know what, I might want to get it to help me in the progression aspect of learning and dealing with this content. It is often very much a personal choice based on how you play and your raid make up.

    I often get the impression on boards like this, that there is a cookie cutter spec that all must follow or else. Really that isn’t the case. We shouldn’t feel wrong to test out different specs and talents to see how they work, when they work or even if they work. Sometimes the bizarre is just what you need.

    My weird point is in my bubble and I glyphed it. Bubble, flash, renew (and POM when up) works well for me in an oh crap moment or if I need to get back to you cause someone else is in trouble too.
    Um read the beginning of my post. I said: Granted this is not an end-all spec, but 90% of it is the best way to go for the most effective healing/mana regen.

    And most of that is true...when going for healing/mana regen. I did not say that everyone must follow this spec. I made this post to give a thorough explanation of some really nice holy talents for people that are new to priests or healing as a priest. I know I would have appreciated some decent resources when first playing a priest.

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    Re: In-Depth PvE Holy Talents

    I like desperate prayer and 3/3 Test of Faith in exchange for 0/2 holy reach and 0/2 healing prayers.

    Desperate prayer has helped me out as an Oh Sh!t button and ToF has been good when getting a little behind in healing. I don't and never have spam'd CoH so holy reach isn't that necessary. On Healing Prayers, I think I would just rather have ToF

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    Re: In-Depth PvE Holy Talents

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart

    I actually felt better for my mana regen spending 4/5 in Mental Strenght (wich for the equip I have is around 1700 mana) rather than using 3 more talents in Empowered healing (a.k.a 1k more heal on a GH and 500 more on a FH) and 1 in Healing Prayers.

    Works great
    I agree that Mental Strength is very nice, and if you are having mana problems that plus Divine Spirit would be a good way to go. Let's say you have 850 intellect unbuffed. Getting 5/5 Mental Strength would be an additional 127.5 int(850*.15 = 127.5) which gives you 1,912 mana(127.5*15 = 1912). Assuming you have replenishment up 80-100% of the time, that would give you an additional 19-24 MP5((1,912*.0025)5 = 23.9). Not only that, but blood elves would get a larger return on Arcane Torrent(1,912*.06 = 114), you'd get a greater benefit from Shadowfiend(1,912*.04*8 to 10 = 611-764) and, assuming you have a chance to cast it, Hymn of Hope(1,912*.02*4 = 153).

    Altogether, assuming an 8 minute fight with worst case scenarios with 80% rep. and 8/10 SF hits, that adds up to 40 MP5 if you are a blood elf, or 35 MP5 for non-blood elves. Clearly, if you are having mana problems this is a great way to go.

    However, I don't really think it's worth the 2 points in imp Divine Spirit over 2 points in Empowered Healing, unless your concern is giving other raid members 80 spell power. 16% increased bonus to Greater Heal, assuming you have 2k spell power, would be an additional 320 spell power, and 160 spell power for Flash Heal(2,000*.16 = 320).

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    Re: In-Depth PvE Holy Talents

    Quote Originally Posted by Devia
    However, I don't really think it's worth the 2 points in imp Divine Spirit over 2 points in Empowered Healing, unless your concern is giving other raid members 80 spell power
    If you raid with a single shaman (any spec) your two points go out with the trash, 144 (or 280 if elemental) overwrites our 80, and let's not forget the demo warlocks' 10% scaling. None of these stack, so yeah. And the 80 (84 with SoR, 92 with Kings) spirit you get? Other than an extra 21 (23) spellpower (Spiritual Guidance), the regen scaling for Spirit's droped through the floor until you have 1300 int anyways, so it's not gonna make that much a difference. Also, going that deep drops Guardian Spirit and a few other great Holy Talents as well.

    For the record, people look at lightwell and still see trash, but it can and has been used effectively. I just wish I had one more talent point. >.>
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