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    Hello all,

    i've been wondering what profession to go with for my Dk and still havent decided. I thought about alch/herb or jc/mining. The alch/herb was for my self buffage since i dont raid much anymore (or at all ) i thought that would be a good way to be somewhat self sufficient.

    then i though of jc/mining for the trinks. i could make some nice tanking or dps trinks as jc and mining isnt too bad either.

    i thought of BS but i know its expenssive if you dont have much time to grind all the time for mats. plus a lot of fancy things are now boe...

    so my question is, what would be something that could work well for a DK, mainly im on tanking duty.

    suggestions welcome ;D
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    Re: Professions

    I thought JC was more costly then BS. But if your tanking allot i would go with minning of some sort. Toughness add an extra 500 hp. Bs has the extra jem sockets now which can help out allot aswell. But out of your choices i would go minning/jc.

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    Re: Professions

    Mining/JC for sure.

    It's the easiest way to defense cap with minimal effort. I hit 80 on a Saturday, crafted and gemmed both sta trinkets (crab & hare), and was defense capped by the Sunday without much effort. The crab is still one of the best trinkets available.

    Besides, the extra gold is always nice. I'm sitting on around 20k with nothing of interest to spend it on.

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    Re: Professions

    thats what i was thinking about. if anything i can de the stuff i make with my other toon too, so i can get extra mats for whatever reason. and once the mining nodes are easier to mine jc (as well as other mining dependent profs) should be easier to lvl too.
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    Re: Professions

    Is leatherworking not a good idea then, for the extra AP an Agi for DPS DK's just a thought as thats what im thinking of going skinnig an LW.

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    Re: Professions

    You really can't go wrong with any combo of JC/BS/echanting. Other decent professions include inscription or LW.

    Gathering professions = meh.

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    Re: Professions

    I went with Skinning/Enchanting.

    Skinning is a good gathering profession and can be leveled to max within a few hours of killing some beasts in old world zones. Enchanting should be an easy one to level up as DK's are able to easily solo the old school dungeons without difficulty. Thus making gathering mats much easier. Plus, stats on rings is just sweet!

    Not to mention the passing +crit on Skinning. Which is going up next patch.
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    Re: Professions

    I'm currently leveling Mining/Engineering. I just love to mess around with the stuff engineers can make. I hope to eventually make a Mechano-Hog and sell it for a ton

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    Re: Professions

    Quote Originally Posted by Montoya

    Not to mention the passing +crit on Skinning. Which is going up next patch.
    whats the change going to be? havent noticed that on patch notes

    that combo doesnt sound like a bad idea though
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    Re: Professions

    I went mining engineering on my DK. Getting gas clouds and mining nodes is tons of GOLD. Not to mention rocket boots and the parachute are the shit.

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    Re: Professions

    For tanking, especially if you have the money-- JC/BS is the ultimate combination.

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    Re: Professions

    I rolled TK primarly for tanking.

    I have enchanting as my profession right now, which is nice for the +48 Stamina on rings. Didn't have the time to level another profession as of now, but I will take blacksmithing or JC for that, seeing as my other char has mining/engineering already.
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    Re: Professions

    I guess i'll go Enchanting/JC. i can just grind for mats in old dungeons for enchanting and for mining for jc i have my shammy =)

    thanks all for the suggestions
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    Re: Professions

    JC/BS here as well, it's the ultimate stat booster combo between extra sockets + extra powerful gems.

    As someone mentioned earlier, the crab trinket is very very nice. I logged onto PTR & realized that I could be Def capped with my Jawbone 2H having the new runeforge enchant & the Icy Touch tanking relic. Equipping it plus the Essence of the Gossemer sky-rocketed my HP.

    BS doesn't really have any additional perks anymore due to the fact that it cannot make any BoP items that are worth something. So, the extra gem sockets are the only reason to really take it.

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