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    [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Power Word: Life sounds really cool, too bad blizz isnt reading mmo forums :'( :'( :'(
    here are some ideas i came up with:

    Stream of Life
    2000 mana, 10 minutes cooldown
    channeling for 10 seconds max

    The Priest heals 1000 life points to every raid member within 10 yards every second for as long as he/she keeps channeling the spell. 80% of the amount healed is deducted from the Priest's health.


    Mind Numb
    500 mana, 2 minutes cooldown

    Increases spell casting time of your target by 30% and grants you additional spellpower by an amount equal to 50% of your total spirit for 10 seconds.


    Shadow Fissure
    700 mana, 30 seconds cooldown
    1.5 second cast

    Envelopes the target in a Shadow Fissure, preventing him from moving and taking any action for 8 seconds. Damage taken by the target during Shadow Fissure is decreased by 80%.


    Fading Light
    1800 mana, 20 seconds cooldown
    1 second cast

    Heals your target to full health. However, your target receives 5% of his maximum health pool as damage every second for the next 20 seconds.


    Healing Arrows
    3000 mana, 60 seconds cooldown
    8 seconds channeling

    The selected area is bombarded by Healing Arrows, which land at a rate of 5 arrows per second. Each arrow heals up to 10 friendly targets within its range for 1% of their maximum health. Each Healing Arrow that affects a target increases his damage and healing by 1% for as long as Healing Arrows last.


    Betraying the Light (51-point holy talent)
    0 mana, 10 minutes cooldown

    The Priest channels his holy energy to become a vessel of destruction. Healing and damage-absorbing spells have their effects reduced by 100%, but damage and critical strike chance of Smite, Holy fire, Mind Blast and Mind Flay is increased by 300%. Lasts 20 seconds. Upon cancellation of this spell, the Priest is afflicted by Light's Revenge, reducing all stats by 50% for 1 minute.


    just some thoughts, share your opinion on them please

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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    I split your post as a new topic, since it's in no way connected to my topic. This way your ideas will receive more attention

    My thoughts:

    2 of your spells are powerful AoE healing spells. I don't think we need more of those, since we already have some in our arsenal. Aside from that i like your ideas.

    Can't say so much about those shadow spells :/

    For your 51 holy talent: Don't think this would fit as a holy talent at all :/
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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Quote Originally Posted by Venara
    For your 51 holy talent: Don't think this would fit as a holy talent at all :/
    True. But neither Searing light fits in the holy tree yet its still there, this would rather match as a t5 talent, with searing light as a prerequisite.

    Shadow Fissure would be the counterpart of Cyclone, but allowing the victim to receive a small % of damage taken only to compensate for the cooldown.

    Here's one i just thought up:

    Holy Barrier
    700 mana, 30 seconds cooldown
    instant cast
    Protects the friendly target with a Holy Barrier, decreasing the damage of the next 2 spells cast within 10 seconds by 50%. Will not reduce damage done from area of effect spells.

    and another one:

    Forge of Light
    1500 mana, 20 minutes cooldown
    instant cast, 10 charges
    Summons a Forge of Light, which you and friendly targets can use to imbue their weapon with Holiness. While wielding a Holy Weapon, damage and healing done is increased by 5% and each succesful attack will restore 1% of your total health. The Holy Weapon lasts 30 seconds

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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Oooh. A spell idea thread!

    I liked the idea of mind numb. A debuff extending the cast time of spells being cast is a neat idea, and a perfect fit for a priest, really. Cookie for that one!

    Forge of Light is another idea I really fell for. I'd trade my lightwell for this any day. It's a good raid utility for a holy priest. But if it were to work in a raid setting, it should probably give away some more lasting buff. 10-15 minutes or so. Should last for a bossfight, but need to ensure that it's not better (situationally better may be okay) than what temporary buffs other classes get; 5% damage seems a bit high. Make it crit or 5% damage vs demons/undead or something. This spell should be for those who don't have any temp weaponbuffs, and would like one.

    Healing Arrows sounds like a Priestess of the Moon ability. If the priestess of the moon hero class ever get to the game, this is it, it's a serious overlap with the priest class in general. But you really need a bow for this to work, thematically. And priests in general cannot use those. At least yet!


    As for the Holy barrier idea, I would taken it further. I would expect discipline priests to eventually get a barrier like the ones we saw in Magister's Terrace. It really fits with the discipline shielding magic, and it's a cool idea to boot.

    Problem is, a castable barrier which reduce magic damage by some factor won't work well in raids. Because raids will simply be tuned to you having it, which will basically mean that the spell does nothing, and only limits the raid's ability to move. Unless it has a heavy cooldown and short duration, that is. So, something like this:

    Instant cast
    Cast a 10 yards radius barrier centered on the caster. Friends and foes inside the barrier will have all direct cast magic damage reduced by 40%. The barrier lasts for 15 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.

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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    A PVP idea
    I think priest's need a spell that gives them mobility.

    Speed of the Gods
    Priest rockets forward at 300% speed for 4 seconds. Breaks snares and cannot be snared while buff is active.

    Basically rocket boots

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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Danner, Barrier sounds an awful lot like Anti-Magic Zone.
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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Damned, Abandon, you're right. Deathknights got that ability now. I completely forgot all about it.
    Guess discipline priests won't get it then. Shame. It really was one for the disc priests...
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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    You know what would be awesome? This:

    Betraying the nature:

    You start whirlwinding throwing all kinds of shit on every target within 40 yards (lightning bolts, lava bursts, chain lightnings, hexes, surprise us, it can be anything) every second.

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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    Priests have so many spells they use already, doubtful that more will be added, especially more healing spells.
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    Re: [Idea] Multiple new priest spells

    I just want my priest to be able to remove poison and curses.

    Sick of waiting for dumbarse dps mages or ret paladins to do this for me when im always on top of removing debuffs.

    And no mages/druids/paladins, you do not need 'decursive' to remove poison or curse.

    i do it fine with oUF_DebuffHighlight & a mouseover macro.

    /cast [target=mouseover] Remove Curse
    /cast [target=mouseover] Cleanse
    purple = curse, blue = magic-debuff, brown = disease, green = poison

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