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    Spell rotation in 5mans and raids

    Hi all

    I am playing a shadow priest, and just reacently dinged lvl 80 on this char... I am having a few problems with my spell rotation atm, and I would like some advice...

    The problem seems to be that, before im done throwing VT, MB, SW:P and so on, all the others have out dps'ed me with more that 15k... Am I doing it wrong or is that normal? I can't seem to pick my dps up again after that... Ofc. my gear isn't great, thats why im doing heroics for badges and better items.

    So if any of you could help me with a rotation usable for a 5man group and 1 usable for a boss/raid boss I would really appreciate it...

    Thank you all for your time

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    Re: Spell rotation in 5mans and raids

    mine is VT , SW:P , DP, MB, MF. keep doin MF till MB comes up and use that then go back to MF. keep up VT when it ends and thats bout it. the day i hit 80 was doin 1800 dps in blues. with 6 epics i do 2.5k dps. make sure u have all your shadow Glyphs

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    Re: Spell rotation in 5mans and raids

    First thing to acknowledge is that there is no rotation... the order of how you cast your spells will change depending on your CD's dot durations and whats happening in the encounter at the time.

    What spells I cast on trash (that is going to die quickly) in comparison to bosses or trash that will be up for a bit differs.

    Lets just assume boss encounters for now... You want to start with SW (until the patch), this will give 2 stacks of shadowweaving, VT, MB, DP, SW:P... u do it in this order so when your SW:P is cast you ahve 5 stacks of shadowweaving keeping in mind you won't recast this spell (assuming all is well) during the fight. You also want to ensure if a mage is in your raid/party that you don't cast SW:P until the 5 stacks of imp scorch or winter's chill is up (10% more crit means 10% more damage on ur SW:P).

    At that point the idea is to cast MB every CD, fill your MB CD's with MF unless you need to refresh VT or DP... personally i refresh VT & DP over MB because these spells tend to do more damage for your GCD than MB will.

    You can choose to drop SW completely but if you get confident you should use SW to make up your 5.5sec MB CD.... for example... if you cast MB and 2 x MF, MB will be back off CD... but if you have to refresh a dot... so MB then VT, MF, you will still have about 1sec left on your MB CD, you're best to SW instead of doing nothing or casting another MF because you will delay your MB cast by 2 sec... (of course im assuming no haste to this point).

    SW is also great to use if you have to be on the move and I also find SW a great spell to use under the effects of BL because 1 MB CD can be filled with 2 MFs & 1 SW just about perfectly (for me with 16% haste).

    And before you reply back with SW decreasing your dps, if you read the simulationcraft properly it actually increases dps until you reach a certain gear level. Another benefit of it's use is that it has high DPM, meaning if you use it you'll get more dps out of your mana pool, in addition you'll proc imp ST more.

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