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Thread: Priest race?

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    Priest race?

    I've been thinkin of making a priest.

    What's the best race? for Pvp/pve more on pvp though ;P

    Horde only i know ally has the best ones :P

    Sorrie is there's already one of these made!!!

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    Re: Priest race?

    For PvP, Forsaken (Undead). Even after the nerf, Will of the Forsaken still stands up to pretty much everything as a second trinket (SECOND trinket, not the human's shared cooldown).

    Sin'dorei (Blood Elf) gives you Arcane Torrent, a smaller edge in drain teams, but not much, so far as PvP. In PvE it's bordering on overpowered.

    Darkspear Troll gives you sexiness though. Berserking feels too clunky as a caster, in my opinion.
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    Re: Priest race?

    Less of a factor now that racial resistances can be mitigated by hit rating, but still there is the Undead 1% shadow, or the Blood Elf 2% to all spells resistance racials to consider.
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