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    Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    Can anyone link me to a basic leveling spec for Shadow? When I get higher, I'll have a better feel for the job, and be able to tweak my own talents, but I'm kind've an idiot when it comes to priest talents atm -.-;

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    Or you could read the 100 other threads in this subsection, where others have asked the precise same question.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    Cause you know, this forum is SOOO busy, so busy in fact a thread I replied in 2 days ago that was locked 2 days ago (not my topic) was still on the front page this morning. So I didn't bother checking very far back.

    The only Spriest topics I see on the first page are QQing about dispersion, and asking if they're too powerful in PvE.

    Now, if you didn't wanna troll. (yes, I know you have 3300 posts, but that doesnt mean you aren't trolling), you could simply link me to said topics instead of being snooty about it.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    You need help, thus you should put some effort into getting it.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    First 5 pages... ONE topic on shadow priest specs... and that's for raiding shadow priests and PvP shadow priests, and wasn't helpful.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    Nezoia is just being a little arrogant there, but check wowwiki they always have some default leveling builds.


    Personally I'm leveling a priest as well but I don't really like shadow at all so when it's viable I'm going Discipline/Holy DPS

    Oh that link above might be outdated here's one that has some good info


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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?

    Nezoia's right, every week one of these spec topics pop out. Using search function of this forum helps, and it gives good results.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Leveling Spec?


    Best lvling spec for questing, grinding and doing lots of instances.


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