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    Need help improving DPS

    Greetings my fellow Warlocks. I'm not a new player to WoW, nor am I new too Warlocks however recently I am having trouble doing well on the dps meters. In your average instance Im only hitting 1.5k and this rises to 2k if I'm AOEing. In raids my situation is pretty much the same and this is starting to annoy me because a) I look like a tard when someone links the DPS meters and b) I know warlocks can easily do 3k+ in instances with builds I have tried.

    What am I looking for here? Mostly some advice on talent builds and the rotations to go with them. My armory link is http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...=Eonar&n=Nerfs and as you can see my current spec is 28/43/0. This is unusual I know, I was simply playing around with the Felguard / SL survival build (Siphon Life heals me while the 2 points in Fel Synergy help keep the Felguard alive). My rotation in this spec is:
    Start -> Felguard in to attack -> Incinerate -> Immolate -> CoA (or CoE if no moonkin / DK) -> corruption -> SL -> Incinerate until DoTs need refreshing, or Rain of Fire on multiple mobs.
    On bosses I'll also use Demonic Empowerment every time it's up.
    In this spec Im currently only doing about 1.3k DPS on single mobs so I know that I need to respec.

    What do people think about going deep affliction, Ive noticed that the current "in" thing, but Ive never got round to trying it out properly. Or should I just stick to cookie cutter demo/destruction (forgot the exact talent points in each)

    Also, if people have any points with regards to gear that I should be aiming towards, I'd appreciate that. I already know that I need new bracers (RNG has been bad for me in VH) and I need to replace my blue ring (Argent Crusade rep pewpew)

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    Yes your specc is unusual.. I have never seen that specc on a lock who does instances/raids before...

    The reason you bring so low dps is because a number of reasons, You need to;

    Respecc any of the raid speccs will help you do more dmg since your specc is a pvp/survivalspecc at best.. you are missing out on several dps booster talents..

    Increase your hit, ~220 is way to low when you donät even have any+hit in destro where your maindmg should come from with your specc..

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    I would say: go destro! I have tried both destro and affliction in raids (and im used to play affli in TBC, and all the way up to 80), but it doesn't do any damage i like the specc, like the DoTs and stuff, but destro is far better for raids right now, untill blizzard gets off their lazy *ass* and do somthing about affli...

    I roll with a destro specc: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...r&n=Zirusianna

    I still do 2.4k dps in 10man and about 3k dps in 25man nax and stuff even though im not hit capped

    If you really want felguard, there is also a killer specc for that one, thats imo the best destro specc right now, but blizz said that they would boost Chaos Bolt, so im trying to get used to it but my old specc, and favorite specc is:

    You get sick ass much crit, wich is great for the incinerate spam And felguard *hurts*

    The rotation i use is: Pet attack, corrup, Curse of Elements (i always use that, because i crit like 10k with incinerate then ) immolate and then just spam spam spam spam spam, refresh, spam spam spam spam, heal pet, and so on

    Happy hunting, fellow lock Hope my post is usefull

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    Ohh yeah btw, you might wanna throw your trinket away It only grants haste when *heals* over time land on target, and we dont have any of them

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirus
    Ohh yeah btw, you might wanna throw your trinket away It only grants haste when *heals* over time land on target, and we dont have any of them
    actually, unless its fixed, our Fel Armor grants the same effect as a hot. So that trinket has a chance to proc so as long as you are not at max health.

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    First off don't listen to the guy above. Affliction is the "highest" dps spec that is currently available. If you want to take a look at a good affliction spec try:This one here.
    For a rotation start out like this:
    SB -> Haunt -> UA -> Immolate -> Corr(only apply this once) -> SL -> CoA
    Then refresh any dots (remember not to clip!!) and shoot SB's when you can.
    Never STOP a spell to cast a dot.

    When a mob is under 25% Start using Drain Soul instead of SB (400% more dmg ftw) and stop putting up immolate. With this spec you only need to get 14% hit if you don't have any hit modifiers on the boss, and 11% hit rating if you have a s. priest or boomkin in you raid :}

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    Quote Originally Posted by bored059
    actually, unless its fixed, our Fel Armor grants the same effect as a hot. So that trinket has a chance to proc so as long as you are not at max health.
    Fel Armor has been fixed not to proc it, however it still procs. There is research being done about what exactly is causing the proc and the procs are less common. The current suspect is the life tap actually proc'ng the trinket, but the results are not in.

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    I agree with above post saying affliction is a really good raid specc.

    @Sirius I got about the same gear as you but i'm affliction specced and gemmed for SP and hit. I am hitcapped at alltimes but not overcapped due to moving some stuff around and I pulled 4.7k on 10-man instructor last raid.. sure I had heroism and +sp totem but still, 3k+ is not that hard in affliction specc when the 10-man naxx gear starts rolling in...

    The only problem I have with affliction atm is threat, healing myself while doing dmg brings some hate my way. Luckily we got good tanks who makes some great tps.

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    Threat isn't much of an issue if you have good tanks (that's all it really comes down too). The only reason pl say we "produce more threat" as affliction is because affliction does more dps and therefore produces more threat. If it gets really bad take the 2 points into Imp. Drain Soul to help reduce threat.

    And my personal record with Affliction is 6k on Patchwork. (I've heard pl getting up to 7.5k DPS as affliction on patch but that's more to do with the short fight and heroism than anything else).

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    Re: Need help improving DPS

    spec 0/41/30 and get atleast 10% hit and its fixed.

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