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    Quick Glance Affliction Changes (Possible DS exe DPS loss?)

    So, clearly the developers are making minor changes to affliction, and seemingly trying to overhaul the other two specs (imo)...

    The only thing I saw that was "lulwut" was the Master Conjuror changing from 15/30 to 150/300. So of course, this will only benefit the demo/destro hybrid (which, by still looking at the changes, is still the only way I see possible of those specs).

    Also, it looks like the 3% bump in CoE is now enough to start using it in a rotation even with a Boomkin or DK.

    At any rate, it doesn't look like I'm going to be altering my affliction tree build anywhere, and since I don't need to put a point in Cataclysm and MC being pushed down, I have 3 free points (5 if I decide the points in Ruin aren't enough to make me keep them)

    What I was noticing was the Soul Siphon talent, and how Developers combining S/L and Corruption will now reduce one dot. Sure this will "simplify" an already "complex" rotation (complex for the 1st two days, maybe), but this also will reduce our DS execute by 4%.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not misreading the talents, corruption is an aff spell, and I don't recall reading any notes on that downside when they released that info.

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    Re: Quick Glance Affliction Changes (Possible DS exe DPS loss?)

    Siphon Life is gone and immolate, less affliction affects for soul siphon and more shadow bolt spam.
    I'm not happy at all.

    The retards wanted to play affliction and with these changes every retard can but won't because the dps is going to be nerfed to hell and all the 21/40, 41/30 spammers will laugh again with their retardedly easy specs.

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