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    Re: Should I drop enchanting?

    Another thing with recipes is to start off with, is only buy the recipes that you will use yourself and then bulk out with more recipes as you can afford them and ppl require it. If you are in a decent guild and several members of the guild want an enchant then you may be lucky and get your guild bank to buy it and thus saving you some gold. Certainly when you eventually get to 430 enchanting (I know you said you'll stop at 400 but you will eventually get to 450 just by doing random enchants for ppl) you will need a lot of dreamshards to buy recipes, I was lucky and my guild bank supplied me and 4 other guild enchanters with all the shards but it depends on your guild.

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    Re: Should I drop enchanting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Resto
    So... most of the money you get from enchanting is from selling mats.... isn't that retarded in some way, at 450 enchanting (or at the level you can de wotlk epics) you could never sell an enchant but still make money?
    Enchanting has the uniqueness of being the only gathering / crafting (to an extent) profession. You can be a miner and make money without actually making anything you know, why isn't that retarded, but selling enchanting mats is?

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    Re: Should I drop enchanting?

    1: Buy inscription vellums.
    2: Enchant the vellums with popular enchants.
    3: Sell them.

    I've made at least 2k in the last 3 days by doing just that.

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    Re: Should I drop enchanting?

    So what's the complaint really? I just dropped Alch yesterday and got JC instead since it's better for tanks, 1-300 cost me a little over 4k, after that i sent mats well worth another 2k from another char.
    JC cost me about twice as much to level compared with enchanting and tbh they seem to be making about the same amount of money. (got JC on another char as well and im making more gold with enchanting even if i sell the Dragon's Eyes)

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