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    Mass Prospecting Macro

    I've got the standard macro for ore
    (/cast prospecting. /use Saronite Ore)
    Is there one I can press once and have it repeatedly prospect ore (without having to use the macro for every 5 ore).
    I prospect hundreds (at times thousands) of ore a day and am wondering if someone knows a macro to prospect 5, "loot it", prospect 5 more, and repeat until there is no more ore to prospect or bags fill.

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    Re: Different Prospecting Macro

    The short answer is no.

    You can make a macro that prospect and loot but you need to press the button every time.

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    Re: Different Prospecting Macro

    Download a real macro program like Tasker or EZMacros.

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    Re: Mass Prospecting Macro

    put autoloot on and just spam your macro

    any automatic method is considered a bot :P
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    Re: Mass Prospecting Macro

    watch this video, it will explain how to create somethign that will do what you want

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    Re: Mass Prospecting Macro

    Available from the Blizzard store.

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    Re: Mass Prospecting Macro

    Use auctioneer and Autodisenchant option.
    You can automaticly disenchant any item,mill a herb or prospect an ore in your inventory, just be careful not to DE items you need

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    Re: Mass Prospecting Macro

    It's called macro AND keybind.

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