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    Worth getting spellhit +4% disc pvp?

    Hello everyone!

    Dinged 80 with my priest recently and im gona start doing some arena with my rogue friend again.

    Anyhow, now to the topic:

    The most disc priests that i've watched dont have +4% spellhit and that seem to be pretty strange since a failing massdispell / fear can make you lose (atleast pre WOTLK). Is Stamina, ressi and mp5 really more important to gem for example than getting the spellhit cap?


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    Re: Worth getting spellhit +4% disc pvp?

    no you should definitely get 4% hit at least, 6% vs undead

    get neck and cloak (and ring of course). should give ~5.8%. other pieces should be salvation/mooncloth

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    Re: Worth getting spellhit +4% disc pvp?

    The most top high raited priests dont agree with me it seems Just check up a random in 2v2.

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    Re: Worth getting spellhit +4% disc pvp?

    Draenei FTW?!

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    Re: Worth getting spellhit +4% disc pvp?

    Once upon a time, Disc Priests were near immortal. Tanks in cloth, we were. Then came the deadly patch of 3.0, and the state of the game changed so much.

    Right now, the focus is on surviving because you can't do anything that you need +hit for if you're dead; death comes quickly.
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