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    Spriests and Hit Cap

    Wurd! New spriest here (leveled thru vanilla and bc as holy /wrist) and I was curious about the hit cap. I think the hit cap for spells is 16% so am I assuming correctly that with the talents shadow focus and misery I only need 10% hit? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Spriests and Hit Cap


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    Re: Spriests and Hit Cap

    With WotLK the Spellhit Cap got changed to 17%
    So you need 11% from gear, as a Draenei 10%.

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    Re: Spriests and Hit Cap

    The number is 290 spell hit. Without inspiring presense.

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    Re: Spriests and Hit Cap

    *289 (rounded up from 288,53)

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