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    Fire mage in bg!

    Well my mage is exclusivly pvp, so I played it Frost (for arena) and then.. this dual spec thing happens exactly when I got to farm honor again!

    So I did this spec as my alternativ-spec for bgs (because I find Frost pretty boring in bg)


    And it's AWESOME!

    Scorch+Fire blast(+stun!) on frozen target.. -> Hot Streak

    FFB+Fireblast on Dragon breath'd target..

    It's a whole new world of fun opening to me so I just wanted to share!

    Ok survability is not that good.. but it's not as bad as before (especially since the 10% disarm thing) and when you start burning things alive.. I'm not sure you can live without it again

    Edit : Yeah I may get the LB glyph when it's no longer 200+po
    *French guy inside*
    *please forgive my poor english*

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    Re: Fire mage in bg!

    I plan to go with this


    I used to go arcane intead of frost but since molten now is utter fail for pvp I guess I might as well get some frostbites from frost
    Quote Originally Posted by Nawramsti
    Mages are fine wtf are you talking about.
    Frost for PvP Arcane for LOLPVP and Fire for...... for.....for.......one sec will get back to you.

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    Re: Fire mage in bg!

    Mage Fire PvP (in Bgs) is possibly the most action packed and entertaining thing you can do in this game imo!

    The 53/18 with the right talents looks great to me, especially with the nerfs to molten armor, Frostbite is very attractive, especially with Blazing speed!

    Not much in the way of survivability, but Fire has always been Kill or be Killed!

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    Re: Fire mage in bg!

    There's another upside than just fun!
    If you kill someone, you're quite pro 'cause you can PvP in fire spec.
    If you die, it's not your fault since fire spec lacks PvP viability!

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