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    Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    Hey fellas just thought I would pass on the latest disc nerfs. Also the primary synergy nerfs to rogue/disc

    -Blind (Rogue) is now in the same diminishing returns category as Fear effects, but no longer shares diminishing returns with Cyclone (Druid).
    -Mana Burn has been reduced to 10% mana burned (up to a maximum of 20% of the Priests mana), down from 13% (max 26%).
    -Mana Burn now causes Fear, Hex and Psychic Scream to break early when used.

    Remember these nerfs are coupled with the ones covered by mmo-champion. Looks like this season is going to get a whole lot harder if you planned on working your way up with a disc/rogue comp in 2v2.

    On a side note does anyone else feel its rather unfair that LoLclone no longer shares diminishing returns with blind? Oh well got my rating high enough anyway to get all the items I'm after. I wish the best of luck to you other priests.

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    Re: Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    dk/pala remaind strong all of s5, why did they never "fix" as fast as priest?

    Blizzard: Oh, I'm sorry, there was an error in hot fix/patch notes, we didn't mean to "fix" the priest class, we just can't let you have your cookie....Oh, and while I'm at it, sorry it took me so long druids, but you can have your awesomeness that was once yours in s4 with rogue once again.

    Priest community: we were up there for 1 or 2 weeks, blizzards hammer is faster than ever, not just 1 hot fix, not just 2 hot fix, but 3 HOT FIXES.....wait, why is my arm being amputated???

    Random priest guy: ah man, now i can' tplay shadow/rogue anymore. (punished another spec for this change *fear*)

    disco priest: ok, now i can't just fear and spam mana burn (granted, that was the proper fix), ugh, my brain hurts on how to play (example of bad priest)

    rogue: ok, so shadow priest is gone.....i guess i can conclude that so is warlock....o but i guess druid is good now too. (way to balance rogue options on partners)

    the rogue just needs to swap his priest for a druid, but what does that leave the priest with?? ret? most don't even know how to properly use repetance....so what else??

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    Re: Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    I was expecting nerfs to that rogue/priest combo anyway. Another thing is if this fear & blind on same DR will be enough, gotta wait and see. But come on, having sap, blind and fear on different DR made them able to chain cc like there's no tomorrow...

    But seeing many other posts about rogue/priest I'm only glad they (Blizz) are working on balancing arenas / classes. Statistics shows high presentation for rogue/priest already, too high imo.

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    Re: Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    dk/pala remaind strong all of s5, why did they never "fix" as fast as priest?
    they didnt fix it? go read patch notes

    and changing it drastically would of changed the entire fundamentals of the paladin class
    which is a bit much for a pve game

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    Re: Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    mr arsetart, l2 read before you go sprouting nonesense.
    Divine plea:
    20%- non dispellable
    20% - dispellable
    50% - non dispellable
    50% - dispellable

    Infusion nerf
    SS nerf

    the reason pala dk worked so well was that its 2 plate wearers (lower melee dmg)
    one with the ability to counter everything thrown at it, whilst pushing pressurising dps and can self heal slightly.
    one with incredibly strong single target heals which could outheal most burst that S5 provided due to lack of resilience. so what would you like to take away from a paladin that isnt game changing?

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    Re: Blizzard's begining nerfs for disc pvp

    make HS a 41pnt talent, no more bastardized repentance/HS builds. The loss of the CC and offensive abilities would do wonders in regards to taking the paladin representation further without breaking the class
    Once Elendur of Arthas.

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